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[WTS] Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Two-Tone 18k Rose Gold

2022.01.19 13:33 Pristine_Courage_535 [WTS] Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Two-Tone 18k Rose Gold

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2022.01.19 13:33 Alfredo_Mendoza What was your New Year's Resolution and have you kept it going?

Having a New Year's Resolution is something that I have been working towards being POMO for many moons. I chose something easy, drink more water and keep working on my weight. I was wondering 1) did you set one, and 2) how it's going?
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2022.01.19 13:33 Calamitously_Queer DRAMA, DARLING - Chapter 3

Chapter 2
As soon as Dominic entered the room for their first rehearsal, he knew he was going to regret it. He had struggled to find the room again and arrived five minutes late and everyone else – except for their director – was already sitting in the rehearsal room, merrily chatting. They had put a few tables together in the center of the room and arranged chairs around them, something that surprised Dominic since he had expected them to stick to their tradition of sitting on the floor or the tables themselves. Mateo looked up when he entered and waved excitedly and in that exact moment, Dominic questioned the choices that had led him here. But the guy had already seen him, there was no turning back now.
“Hey Dominic! So happy you joined us!” Mateo got up and clapped him on the shoulder. “Trouble finding the room?”
Dominic almost squirmed away from his hand. Actors just didn't have any boundaries. “Yeah, it took me a while.” he said, trying not to let his annoyance show.
“Don't worry, Henry is pretty much always late.” Mateo smiled and moved back to his chair, leaning back and inviting Dominic to join them with a graceful wave of his slender hand. Dominic sat down next to him – it was one of two free chairs and he didn't want to be rude on the first day if he could help it.
“Since when do you people do chairs and tables?” he asked Mateo.
You people?” Mateo raised an eyebrow and the corner of his mouth curled into the hint of a smile.
“You know... theatre people.”
“You do realize you are one of us people now, do you?” Mateo said with a broad grin.
Don't remind me Dominic thought but kept it to himself. “Anyway, I thought you guys were all about sitting cross-legged on the floor.”
“Oh, we are.” Mateo said and pushed his long hair out of his face. “But we're doing a full cast read today so we need the table space for our scripts and snacks.”
Dominic realized that he hadn't paid too much attention to the specifics when Henry had announced the first rehearsal and had come completely unprepared. “Fuck, I didn't even bring a script!”
“Nobody did.” Mateo looked a little puzzled. “Henry's handing them out today. You do read the group chat, right?”
“Yeah. I mean, mostly. It's a lot.”
“You get used to it.” Mateo grinned. “But pay attention to the stuff Henry writes, it's usually important.”
“Noted.” Dominic said. Mateo seemed to be under the impression that Dominic needed a primer on all things concerning theatre life because he launched into a little monologue about how today's table read was going to go, what a table read was in the first place, what to pay attention to in the group chat and the importance of always wearing comfortable shoes to a rehearsal. Dominic was a little offended at this – Mateo seemed to assume that Dominic hadn't the faintest clue and needed his help. Of course he had to admit that Mateo was completely correct in that assumption but he still found it a bit presumptuous. The guy could've at least asked first.
Eventually – almost twenty minutes late in fact – Henry arrived at the rehearsal room and was greeted with enthusiastic cheers and applause by the entire group. Dominic hesitated at first, then cautiously joined in. Apparently this was a thing they did, so he went along for now. Henry dropped a stack of scripts onto the table and sat down, trying to catch his breath while the scripts got passed around. Mateo handed one to Dominic, then began to flip through the pages of his own, highlighting all of Alain's dialogue with a marker. Dominic cursed himself for not bringing one, he was going to look totally unprepared now and he wasn't going to ask Mateo if he could borrow his marker. There were some things pride would not allow.
“You need a marker?” Mateo asked him from the side.
“No!” Dominic snapped, harsher than he had meant to probably.
“Suit yourself.” Mateo shrugged and kept going through his script. “I would recommend highlighting your lines though. Makes it much easier to find them at a glance, you know?”
“Thanks for the advice.” Dominic said, now almost meek. He still couldn't stand this guy – with his oversized flannel shirt, hand-made jewelry and his stupid long wavy hair – but Mateo was clearly just trying to be nice. If he was going to stick with this group, maybe snapping at the lead actor wasn't the best idea. “I... could I borrow your marker when you're done with it?”
Mateo rummaged around in his canvas bag for a moment, then handed Dominic a marker. “You can use this one.” Then he rummaged some more until he found a pen. “And this. Important rule: Always bring a pen to rehearsal.”
“What for?” Dominic asked.
“To make notes. How else are you going to remember everything.”
“Makes sense.” Dominic was beginning to feel very, very stupid now and he decided to just stop talking for a while unless absolutely necessary. Fortunately Henry chose this moment to address the cast. He cleared his throat awkwardly and the noise around the table died down.
“So... thank you all for coming, glad everyone made it... You've all got your scripts in front of you... any questions before we get going?”
The hand of the tiny redhead immediately shot up.
“Yeah so, just wanted to know if we're doing a rehearsal weekend and when that would be?”
Henry took off his glasses and began to clean them with his shirt sleeve. “To be honest, I'm not sure we're going to do a rehearsal weekend.” Immediately the entire group began to complain and Henry held up his hands, trying to get their attention. “I didn't say we're not going to have one, I just said I'm not sure yet. Somebody else would have to organize.”
“I can do that.” said the girl next to Mateo. She was still busy highlighting her lines and didn't even look up.
“Thank you Jessie.” Henry put his glasses back on and looked around. “Anything else?”
Nick's hand shot up again. “I already asked this in the group chat but I think you missed it, so... do I get to do a sword fight?”
Henry put his glasses back on. “No, sorry, there's only the one between Alain and Guillaume.” Nick looked extremely disappointed and Henry looked around. “Anything else?”
Nick's hand shot up a third time. “Could we maybe put in an additional sword fight?”
Henry looked a little confused. “Why would we... Where would we even put another swordfight?”
“Maybe during the ball, because that way, Robert and I would get to do one as well.”
“But that doesn't make sense, why would your characters even...” Henry waved the thought away. “We're not adding another sword fight. That's final!” he added when Nick looked like he was about to protest. Nick still looked very disappointed, but he handled it with grace and poise.
“Anything else?” Henry asked the group. Nobody had anything to say and Henry seemed rather relieved. “Good. I'll read the stage directions, we'll take a break after act one. So... just a second...The curtains rise and we hear birdsong. Courtyard of the Chateau de Marcellaux, early in the morning...”
Dominic did his best to read along with everyone and dutifully highlighted all his lines on every page. Most of the actors approached the table read very casually and Henry didn't give any directions yet. Robert, the large dude who played Céline's father tried a few different voices and speech patterns until he settled on one. Jessie took pleasure in overly exaggerating Céline's more emotional lines and she and Mateo seemed to have a lot of fun trying to out-exaggerate each other when it came to overblown dramatic sentiment, much to everyone's amusement aside from Henry.
Dominic tried his best to read his lines convincingly and while the scene he had already played with Mateo worked fine, all the new scenes had him somewhat stumped. He tried his best, but he could tell he wasn't exactly convincing. Of course this was only the first rehearsal and he wasn't the only one in the group who didn't seem to be a natural born actor, but it still annoyed him. Of course Mateo made it look very easy. He spoke his lines with a natural ease that made Dominic feel even worse about his own performance. The guy was insufferably good at this. No wonder he'd been cast as the romantic lead. Dominic hadn't been able to see it at first, Mateo had seemed too skinny, too soft and graceful in his body language to be convincing – but now that he saw him reading his lines he had to admit he had been wrong. Mateo immediately commanded the attention of the room whenever he spoke. His natural softness and grace didn't vanish, but they seemed to complement his charismatic presence surprisingly well. When Alain was forceful, Mateo would sit up straight, his gestures commanding respect, when Alain was in love, Mateo would become smaller and softer, sometimes getting flustered and playing with his hair. When Robert had read his monologue, the rest of the cast had used the opportunity to help themselves to some more cookies. When Mateo had his first monologue the group had listened in silence and applauded when he finished. He was clearly the best actor in the room and everyone knew it. By the time they had reached the ending of the first act, Dominic was beginning to despise Mateo with every fibre of his being.

When they took a break, most of the group headed outside for some fresh air. Dominic followed them reluctantly along the corridor and outside to the small terrace overlooking the campus. At least half the group was lighting up cigarettes now – mostly self rolled of course. Jessie kept her tobacco and rolling paper in a little pouch, sewn by hand out of leftover fabric by the looks of it. When she saw him looking she held out the pouch to him.
“Want one?”
“Oh, no thanks.” Dominic said. “I don't smoke.”
“Good.” said Mateo's voice behind him. “It's terrible for your voice.”
Dominic spun around. Mateo had followed them outside as well but instead of smoking he used the opportunity to take in some fresh air and stretch. For a moment, Dominic almost considered having a cigarette just to spite him but he had only tried smoking once and almost fallen off the balcony in the coughing fit that followed so he decided against it.
When Mateo was done with his stretches he leaned against the parapet next to Jessie and the two of them began an animated conversation that Dominic couldn't quite follow. They seemed to know each other well and Dominic was happy to leave them to it. He wandered over to the others and tried to join in their conversation but it wasn't easy. Most of them had already been in last year's play and everyone seemed to know each other – except for him. Sure, they weren't trying to exclude him or anything, in fact Robert tried to involve him in the conversation once or twice, but Dominic was never quite sure what to say and mostly kept his answers short. Maybe that was for the best for now. He wanted to scope this group out for a bit longer before opening up to anyone in here. About fifteen minutes later, Henry called them back inside and Dominic was glad to at least have something to do again.
Reading the second act was almost worse. This is where Guillaume's foul intrigue began to bear fruit and this meant that Dominic had a lot of dialogue. With every line he read he felt increasingly uncertain until he stumbled through the words, realizing that everyone was looking at him. Dominic tried to avoid their gaze but it was clear they had all just realized that their principal antagonist had no idea what he was doing. To make matters worse, Mateo was growing more comfortable in his role and now that he and Jessie were no longer exaggerating their dialogue for comedic effect, their scenes became genuinely emotional. That was, if you were into this sort of rubbish, which Dominic definitely wasn't.
When it was finally over, he was seriously thinking about dropping the whole thing. He would have walked up to Henry and told him to find somebody else for the part of Guillaume if it hadn't been for the fact that he would then have to explain that decision to Claire and Anna. And since Anna had convinced him that this might be genuinely good for him, he would need a better excuse. “I was getting annoyed because everyone else is better at acting” wouldn't cut it, he could hardly expect to be brilliant at this on his first attempt. Still, the fact that he clearly had a long way to go before his performance would be anything close to acceptable bugged him a lot more than he would have liked to admit. He wasn't entirely sure why. He hadn't expected to be brilliant at this, but there had probably been some part of him that had hoped for a sudden reveal of unexpected genius to cast even Mateo's brilliance in shadows. There was that as well of course. The Mateo situation. Listening to the guy was bad enough, but the trouble was that they had quite a few scenes together and that made their difference in skill impossible to overlook.
“You doing okay?”
“Why?” Dominic knew he sounded irritated but he didn't care.
“You look a bit grumpy.” Mateo said with a grin. “Figured I should make sure the new kid is doing alright. Anything I can do to help?”
The absolute last thing Dominic wanted right now was this guy being nice to him. He was thoroughly annoyed with this dingus and he wasn't fooled for a second. Mateo obviously knew that Dominic was terrible at this, and he obviously knew that Dominic knew as well. Any attempt at playing nice just felt like mockery at this point.
“Nah, I'm good.” Dominic put his script in his backpack and zipped it shut.
“See you next Friday?”
“What's next Friday?”
Mateo gave him that look again. That look, where he raised just one eyebrow and the corner of his mouth twitched as if he was hiding a smile.
“First real rehearsal.” he said. “You really gotta start paying attention to Henry.” He clapped him on the shoulder and grinned. “See you around, new kid.”

“He's insufferable!” Dominic complained to his flatmates later that day. “He treats me like I'm a total moron, like I have no idea what I'm doing.”
“Correct me if I'm wrong,” Claire said “but you have no idea what you're doing, right?” She rinsed the foam off another plate and handed it to Dominic to dry off.
“I'm sure he's just trying to be nice.” Anna added, but Dominic didn't trust her assessment of the situation – she was working on her paper and only half paying attention to the conversation.
“But he doesn't have to rub it in like that!”
“How else are you going to learn your place in the pecking order?” Claire handed Dominic another clean dish. “Now quit your whining.”
“You two have no pity.” Dominic grumbled. “Hearts of stone, both of you.”
“How poetic.” Anna said. “Henry's writing must be rubbing off on you already.”
“It's not!” Dominic turned to Anna but Claire flicked a few drops of dishwater at him. “Keep your mind on the task Shakespeare.”
“One day I'll move out of this apartment and then you'll realize what you had in me.” Dominic said. “And then you'll wish you had been nicer to me.”
“I'm sure we'll be inconsolable.” Claire said dryly. “But as long as you make fun of my band, I'll make fun of you.”
“That's not fair! How am I supposed to not make fun of ReVulva?”
“How am I supposed to not make fun of you?”
“Stop it. Both of you.” Anna shut her laptop and looked at them over her glasses like a strict teacher. While the constant teasing was a natural and welcome part of life in their shared flat, Anna always made sure that Claire and Dominic didn't overdo it, especially when one of them was in a bad mood. Instead she tried to lead the conversation back to the original subject.
“What's so bad about this Mateo anyway?”
“I don't even know where to start.” Dominic said. “He's just so... I don't know, he's just such a theatre kid, you know? Pretentious as fuck, obviously.”
“So? He's an actor!”
“He's annoying! He won't leave me alone!”
Anna crossed her arms. “Dominic, this may surprise you but when people are working together on something, they usually attempt some form of social bonding.”
“Yeah he can fucking bond with somebody else.”
“You're the new guy! He's trying to make you feel welcome in the group and you're just complaining.”
Dominic scoffed. “I'm pretty sure he's just having fun at my expense. I'm terrible at this and he knows.”
“Honey, you're projecting harder than the fucking bat signal.” Anna sighed. “You've already decided you hate him so whatever he does, you're gonna think the worst of him. And it's painfully obvious that you're just jealous.”
“I'm not.” Dominic said, but he already knew that she was right. Anna was always right and it was usually best to simply accept it.
“If you're going to do this,” Anna said “don't you think you should at least try to be on good terms with the rest of the cast? Especially with your lead actor who you are going to share half your scenes with?”
“Fine, you're right! You're always fucking right.” Dominic grumbled.
“It's a thankless skill.” Anna sighed. “But I'm happy you're listening to reason. The better this whole theatre thing goes, the higher your chances to impress Julia. Speaking of, how's that going?”
Dominic could feel his face blushing. He had been unable to bring himself to talk to her since the audition. He had always been shy around girls and with Julia it was worse than usual. And now that she wasn't part of the group, he wasn't sure how to approach her without making things weird. Or maybe that was just an excuse for his shyness.
“I'm going to interpret that silence as an I haven't talked to her.” Anna sighed deeply.
“In his defense, talking to women you're crushing on is very difficult.” Claire said. “Or so I've been told by people struggling with that sort of thing.”
“Which is why I keep saying he should just text her.”
“But what if she thinks I'm a creep?” Dominic protested.
“You two already know each other.” Anna pointed out. “As long as you don't open with a picture of your penis, I think you'll be fine. Text her.”
Dominic wanted to keep arguing but Anna cut him off. “Just text her. Do it tonight.”
“I don't even have her number.”
“Wasn't she in the group chat?” Claire asked. “Should still be able to text her then.”
“You're running out of excuses.” Anna said with a grin.
“Fine!” Dominic threw his wet dish towel on the counter. “If this goes poorly I'll blame you for dying single.”

He lay on his bed, scrolling through the group chat which had been renamed to Miraculous Mad lads of Marcellaux. Eventually he found the notification for Julia leaving the group and saved her number. After that, it was only a matter of writing and rewriting and rewriting his opening message to her for approximately thirty minutes until he settled on “hey, how are you doing? so sorry to hear you didn't get a part!”, sent it out and then immediately wished that he hadn't. Now that the message was sent without a way to take it back he was completely certain that it was the worst possible message he could have sent. He considered a few followup messages but eventually decided that all of them would probably make the situation even worse. Julia didn't reply, but she was probably just busy. Dominic tried to distract himself with video games but checked his phone every five minutes for a reply. It took almost an hour until his phone buzzed.
Julia: sorry who is this?
Dominic: it's me! dominic, we went to the audition together!
Julia: omg dom, I'm sorry! so happy for you, they gave you a big part!
Dominic: I would have loved to play scenes with you.
Julia: it's fine, it's not like I really wanted to, you know? I have so much to do anyway.
Dominic: of course!
Julia: but I hope you have fun!
Dominic took a deep breath. So far this wasn't going too horribly. He could ask her for a date right now. What was the worst that could happen? His fingers trembled a little as he typed.
Dominic: Hey, I wanted to ask you, would you like to go out for coffee some time?
Julia didn't reply for a few minutes and Dominic could have kicked himself. After a few agonizing minutes, her answer came.
Julia: I'd love to! theres this rly cute place close to the cinema
Julia: they make the best iced coffee
Julia: they also do brunch on saturdays and the mimosas are soooo good
Dominic: Brunch sounds great!
Dominic: we could go see a movie after if you like
It took a while until she responded again. Dominic's heart was beating faster now, this was going better than expected. After a couple of agonizing minutes, his phone finally buzzed.
Julia: you mean like a date?
This came as a bit of a surprise to him. He would have thought that was fairly obvious. Suddenly he asked himself whether things really were going better than expected
Dominic: haha yeah, if you want I mean
Julia didn't reply. Dominic waited for minutes. Five, then ten, then fifteen. She didn't reply for the rest of the evening. He thought about sending another text but anything he could think of would probably make the situation more awkward. Maybe her battery had died or her grandma, something that required all her attention. He kept checking his phone but no answer came. Three hours later when he finally went to sleep he was certain that he had made a huge mistake.
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2022.01.19 13:33 RubberDwarf Grazer Impfgegner Gruppe - Feel free...

Ich habe mich in 2 Grazer Impfgegner Gruppen eingeschlichen:
Die 2. Gruppe organisiert gerade den Autokorso in Graz... feel free
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2022.01.19 13:33 Commercial_Ad_8472 Rental Car questions

Flying into Vegas for a southwest USA road trip and renting an SUV. Wondering how strict the “no unpaved roads or off roading” term & condition for the rental agreement is. Can I actually not take the car on well maintained dirt roads? Any other tips on renting a car for this kinda of trip? Thanks!
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2022.01.19 13:33 DayLateFriend33

This website has tons of OOP and import vinyl but I googled them and read lots of negative reviews. Does anyone have any insight/experience with this company that they're willing to share?
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2022.01.19 13:33 rachelm776 Which Camera?

I’m so overwhelmed with choice need help deciding which camera to get please. I want a wireless camera with night vision. 180 degree angle, motion sensor etc. With an app to view and able to check recordings over a week. One that doesn’t have problems staying connected to WiFi and reasonable battery life.
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What are tricks to speed up the render? Should I convert it into a mesh?
Here's a render of the one I'd like to speed up:
Here are my settings: and
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2022.01.19 13:33 GlutenFreeeCocaine Do you pray to Nielsen before sleeping?

Also, i just started a new job as a UX Designer, could you give me some tips, i start on Monday.
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the person but scrolling more efficient to conquer the creation
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