sksry nsrdi yf5f3 8e7ty 785d8 3329f hry47 denth 2dsri fnsb8 a865b 5t4ss 948tt 6z2fe 76hni yy3az zayr6 zhkn3 6ks57 9ztz5 2t287 Prototypes |


2021.11.29 23:50 iSplitInkSquidBoi Prototypes

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2021.11.29 23:50 easily_tilted Looking for similar maps

I'm looking for maps which are similar to the map grozny_siege. Basically maps with placed NPCs that you can fight.
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2021.11.29 23:50 GuiltyAd3192 D-Drops

Name: D-Drops Symbol: $DOP Tags: Metaverse, P2E, NFT, AR Chain: BSC -> Migration to ETH
Social links: Website: Telegram: Twitter:
Presale info: SC: 300BNB HC: 700BNB Min-Max Contribution : 0.1 - 1 BNB Platform: DxSale
1 December 20:00 (UTC+1) - Whitelist presale TIER 1 1 December 21:00 (UTC+1) - Whitelist presale TIER 2 2 December 21:00 (UTC+1) - Token Launch!
Project Info: D-Drops uses a tax on transactions to create valuable items such as boxes with cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFT’s or any combination thereof and digitally drops it in the physical world. Holders can then use the DApp to locate these items and claim them. Users will also be able to create their own treasures by filling boxes and dropping them on the spot or another location of their choosing for others to collect.
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2021.11.29 23:50 drspkes My Ball is FULL!

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2021.11.29 23:50 Rojer0077 T99 is unique

T99 is unique in its subject matter and has excellent prospects in the future. This platform has a unique structure. I believe in This project.
#T99 #TNN #Presale #Airdrop #Giveaway #aladd1ncenter #Bounty
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2021.11.29 23:50 Shxcking For Sale: 3 crazy tickets to the Kanye West + Drake: Free Larry Hoover Concert.

$600 OBO
The seats are in Section 122A Row 17, they're insane seats almost at center stage and right behind the VIP seats.
I got them right when it opened and they were 650 after fees.
I paid 650 per ticket and I can show you receipts to show I'm not scalping these. I bought a handful for friends and I but it ended up being too far out of everyone's budget so I just want to make my money back.
Can transfer through ticketmaster! I am located in the San Fernando Valley if you want to meet in person.
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2021.11.29 23:50 Chubbah510 Jade Card Visa

I bought 3k worth of CRO on coinbase. If I transfer to will I be qualify for the Jade Card or do I have to Buy my CRO from to qualify?
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2021.11.29 23:50 Mr-NoName_YT69_420 Who here has a bedrock realm I can join

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2021.11.29 23:50 Centralsocial3d Danish Delight!

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2021.11.29 23:50 VoiceoftheDarkSide What is the modding scene like for this game?

I started playing SMAC again after a 15 year break. After a week of restarting and trying again I finally finished a game, and it nearly killed me.
I love 90% of this game, but I cant stand 10% of it. The fact that warfare just comes down to chucking endless hordes of units at each other makes the post-2300 era of the game a nightmare. Also, Yang is a fucking disease, Miriam too.
I am wondering if there are any well-regarded mods that are aimed at taking the edge off of SMACs shitty late game and smoothing over some of the other edges. This game seems to have a good modding scene so I'm curious to know what the community favourites are.
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2021.11.29 23:50 kfh227 Alien Resurrection

Ok... I watched it for the first time in probably 15 years. Probably 20.
Was it bad? No. I thought it was a solid action movie.
Spoilers ahead!
Was the plot crappy? Kinda. The genetics part was pretty stupid. And the swimming aliens were a stretch but I was OK with it.
I almost have a hard time saying Alien 3 was better.
Fwiw: I only recognize the original quadrilogy.
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2021.11.29 23:50 Stahlhelm2069 Is this Good Enough?

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2021.11.29 23:50 nwa747 Forbidden Roquefort Cheese

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2021.11.29 23:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Why conflict over religious exemptions is only going to get worse | Deseret

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2021.11.29 23:50 IntelligentZombie255 T5 terrakion - can add 5 - 8525 4443 7386

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2021.11.29 23:50 Wizclam When a podcast has no guest LOL just a fun bit

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2021.11.29 23:50 esbeckjfs 🍀Welcome to the 4Chan Community Token Telegram Group ! Join the community🍀

✅ A Safe Token with an Audited Contract and Best Safety Score through all Audit platforms.
There are many audit platform
✅ This token's audit score of 90 indicates that there is LOW risk of it being a scam now or in the future. Results may not be applicable if token in in presale.
What is 4chan Community Token:
- 4chanCommunity Token is the next generation BSC token with an audited contract and best strategy through all the audit platforms to improve and bring the transaction system to a decentralized level.
- Through the 4chan token, users will be safe and able to complete faster transactions on the platforms
⚖️ Tokenomics
🔑LP Holdings: 4 BNB ($2,408)
🎁Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Price: $0.00000891604
🎁BNB Price: $621.74
💰Market Cap: $8,916
💰9% Tax
🎁5% Added back to the liquidity pool
🎁4% Marketing : Sent to the marketing wallet to ensure the project is continuing
the best marketing push possible.
- Given the 4% marketing fee, investors can rest assure that 🐰4CHAN TOKEN🐰 will push strong marketing content and grow like no other token! 🚀
🔑Ownership renounced
🔐Liquidity locked
- As our community grows, we will increase rewards to complement our most faithful holders and decrease marketing wallet, to ensure our strong position on the market.
Join Our Community NOW
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2021.11.29 23:50 eitzz Need help - 11th grade

Hello, hope you are doing well!
I need help with 11th grade logarithmic equations exponential equations and trigonometry.
Would be very happy if somebody can help me. Thanks
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2021.11.29 23:50 dontgetnatestarted Haven't received September's earnings? What can I do?

First time I actually made a fair amount of streams on Spotify (700k). This was back in September and i expected the money to come in this month. I got paid for various other songs i collaborated on and etc however I haven't gotten a dime for that one song. What can I possibly do?
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2021.11.29 23:50 AlexKazeil Monitor Hz Dropping When Playing League

My (ASUS) monitor runs at 165hz when I use it for any tasks or any video games except recently, as soon as I open a league game, it drops to 50hz and I cannot change it. The NVIDIA control panel even says that my monitor is set to 165hz but when I open my the little ASUS menu while playing league, I see that it is running at 1920 x 1080 @ 50 hz. This just started recently and it only happens with league. I can play all other games fine including valorant another riot game. Is there anyone who has heard of this or has any solutions for me? I am not great with technology so this has been quite frustrating
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2021.11.29 23:50 cpieper6824 Frustrated Grandmother

Ok this is more of a rant give me advise kind of thing ... My daughter Ill call her Sophia ,she has a boyfriend our family cant stand . He is a little older than her but that's not the issue , he is a hard worker and tries to provide and I do know he loves his kids but that's where my compliments stop. He is always accusing her of cheating completely controlling punishes her and takes her phone when she makes him mad total narcissist and he has pushed her shoved her to the ground and wrestled her for her phone , left her for days with nothing and then acts like she is the issue . She came into this relationship with 1 small child from a previous bad decision and then together they have 3 for a total of 4 kids , This man has called her a whore in front of her children and other names .My daughter is emotional no back bone and is the quintessential victim she is no saint but she is I believe honestly in love with him and fears him at the same time . Recently she had decided to leave prompting me to decide to buy a home to get her out of the situation and purchase a home leaving apartment life to give her a escape as my apartment is SMALL . I looked for a 4 bedroom everywhere to at least give her a room to escape to and get on her feet for all essential purposes they were splitting up and I was thrilled . HOWEVER , the market went nuts and I was unable to secure a 4 bedroom and had to purchase a 3 bedroom instead . I figured I could at least make the living room work temporarily until we got her child support and other assistance to get on her feet . Id sleep in a card board box before someone called me names in front of my kids kept me under his thumb and refused to let me have a car or a way to contact people with 4 kids . I digress , anyway she now says they want o work on things .. OK well i dont like it bt not my decision i get that . I was hurt but supportive as its her life her family but the last few DRAMA situations have killed any chance her ( me and my parents brother sister and her side of the family ) would ever be civil with him again and he isolates her from us he hates Irish people and our traditions ( he is from Mexico ) but my daughter is um .. Irish but has had to adapt to his culture and forgo anything with us . He visits on holidays are just her and the kids and very short as he gives her 2 hours max with us and then she has to leave . Well today she told me she is pregnant with baby number 5 . I am soo devastated. First, before you pounce understand I will love and be the best grandma I can be to this child . !! But now with 5 I feel like she is trapped for good I feel like she shot herself in the foot . I am just sad as now finding a way out when he turns mean again ( he is being nice right now ) she will have no way out I cant take her in with 5 . I bought a 3 bedroom and have two boys still at home 8 and 19 . I am always excited to love and hold my grand babies but I am a grandmother of 9 now and 51 years old !!! ( my other daughter has 4 and is married and stable . ) How will she ever find love again if he leaves her or they split is any man ever going to want 5 kids !! ? So far i said congrats and offered a smile and a hug she asked me to not tell anyone till she is showing so im the only one who knows . I cant tell her im disappointed hurt and just floored . Just ... I feel like i cant save her now .. I'm scared for her body for her health she has had a baby every two to 1 years the last few years !! I'm scared for her yet I feel guilty I'm not thrilled about the pregnancy . AM I THE ASS HOLE ?
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2021.11.29 23:50 internetmoolah Wealthsimple Cash (Canada): $25 Easy Sign-Up Bonus with Instant Withdraw!

Wealthsimple Cash is Canada’s Venmo/Cashapp. The $25 bonus is available for a limited amount of time so get this offer while you can!

  1. Use my link$dcosta and download the app
  2. Create an account and verify your identity
  3. Enter the code MET3FN into the promos and referrals section
ps. My code gets you a $25 bonus because I’m a student, whereas other codes only offer a $10 bonus
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2021.11.29 23:50 Sparhawk349 Flagship

So, how the heck are you supposed to even scratch that stupid thing? I’m using the Crystal Cruiser, non advanced mode and easy and I can’t even dent the damn thing. My Ion shots miss, making my crystal shots worthless cause the three tier shield just eats them.
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2021.11.29 23:50 Oneviajdmm Having some fun the other day figured I'd share 🙃

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2021.11.29 23:50 No-Acanthaceae8415 Bert wearing squid game shirt?

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