When I was a child, my mom told me angrily that I was a bad child and that my dad wanted to kill me….

2021.10.25 14:21 AwkwardLaugh4 When I was a child, my mom told me angrily that I was a bad child and that my dad wanted to kill me….

I didn’t do too many things wrong as a child. I had lost a 12 year old brother when I was 8, and was taught early on not to cry about it, to try and be perfect and do anything and everything my parents asked of me. For 5 years after my brothers death, I barely said a word. Yet the slightest incorrect thing would cause my parents to spiral towards heinous abuse. My mom (a narcissist), told me her pain was worse and I wasn’t allowed to cry about it or talk about it. My mom called me fat and ugly growing up. As an adult (I’m a university professor and quite nurturing), my mother told me she wished she never had kids. She told me she would disown me if I made certain mistakes. But I still come back to that feeling as a child, and so worried my parents would actually kill me. So I slept with a full knife next to my bed, so I would have something. Anyways, yes, this messed me up. And I am only learning about now how this has caused me to people please the most awful of malignant narcissists. My trigger, the more you abuse me, the more I will try and please you. Thanks mom and dad for that. Now the hard work of erasing this response….
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2021.10.25 14:21 Ravenamore Mooch, the best notmycat ever - Part One

I don't have a photo of him, and I hate that but I remember him vividly. He was a large, fluffy black cat, not quite shorthair, not quite longhaired.
We met him when he started using our porch as a snoozing spot. We'd go out there and pet him. He was always very appreciative.
One day, he shot through the opening in our screen door. "OK, well, looks like we have another cat." we thought. We showed him the food bowl and the litter box. He looked at the box in absolute horror, like "OMG, you want me to poop IN THAT?"
We had two cats at the time. One, who was usually very territorial, was basically "What's up?" to Mooch and went back to doing whatever she was doing. Our other cat tried to bully him, he very calmly shoved her away, and she never treated him badly again.
He ate, napped, then went to the door and asked to be let out. We were nonplussed, and let him out.
This was the normal state of affairs for awhile. He'd meow politely at the door, one of our other cats usually would alert us, he'd come in, eat, nap, and leave. Sometimes he'd just run in, eat, and run back out. We started calling him Mooch as a joke, that he was soon going to start asking for a cig or a bus token.
For those of you not in the United States, there are horrible people out there who will torture and kill black cats during Halloween. We decided we'd keep Mooch inside for the night.
So when the sun set, I sat him down and told him that bad people might hurt him if he went outside, so it'd be safer for him to stay the night, and we'd let him back out in the morning.
We expected him to cry and complain about not being let out. We expected he might get mad enough to start spraying.
What we didn't expect was for him to seemingly understand my words, and make no fuss whatsoever. He ate, lounged around, and went upstairs with me to the bedroom, curled up, and slept with me.
When I woke up the next morning, he was gone. I went downstairs, and my husband said, "Do you know what Mooch did this morning? He started gently patting me until I woke up, went over to the door and meowed quietly. I let him out. I've gone through the entire house, he didn't potty in any corners, I think he just held it the whole night, and when he woke me up, he sounded so apologetic about it.
More in Part Two
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2021.10.25 14:21 Minty-Mechanic Stickmintober Day 25: Wallpaper I guess?

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2021.10.25 14:21 minecraft_cow_sound My husband keeps getting our wifi turned off because he's illegally downloading shows

I have social anxiety and I HATE MAKING PHONE CALLS especially when the other person is mad at me. This is the second time he's been caught pirating movies and shows. They suspend our service and tell me to call the direct line to copyright. My husband tells me to lie and say I uninstalled it, I did the first time. Second time, right now, he tells me to do the same again, and I feel really uncomfortable with it. What am I supposed to say "I know I told you a few months ago that I made my husband delete it but he redownloaded it"??
I told my husband that he has to make this phone call and he told me I should because he's going to work. I'm in grad school online and I need wifi.. but I don't want to lie to anyone again.
He has a VPN and a special one for torrenting but apparently they aren't working. I'm just upset I'm being put in this position.
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2021.10.25 14:21 Daveclarkson Dave’s Radio: episode 1

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2021.10.25 14:21 gunay_naynay Friendly Reminder from the Mod Team

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2021.10.25 14:21 brrenna Hi. This kitten was abandoned near my house last night and I decided to adopt him. I already have five other cats, but it would be terrible to leave him in the rain and hungry. I would like name suggestions for him

Hi. This kitten was abandoned near my house last night and I decided to adopt him. I already have five other cats, but it would be terrible to leave him in the rain and hungry. I would like name suggestions for him submitted by brrenna to cats [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 14:21 Oink_The_Boink Autumn is the best time of the year for hiking. Just check this landscape 😁

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2021.10.25 14:21 GeordieJordan96 POTD completed with my first pack🤯

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2021.10.25 14:21 First-Future-8858 🍰CAKEDoge 🍰Doxxed Team from Germany/Belgium - SAFU - Locked Liquidity - Long Term Project - a real gem 💎

🍰The full team behind CAKEDoge is doxxing themselves. White Paper was released yesterday. —> Check out their Website!
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🍰For every transaction made $CAKEDoge automatically takes a 4% tax fee which 4% goes to a BNB pair, allowing the other 2% to be added to the liquidity pool. This feature will help towards keeping the price stable avoiding drastic fluctuations.
🍰CAKEDoge appreciates all investors. For this reason as an incentive to HODL, they have a 3% reward scheme. Every sale of $CAKEDoge will take a 3% fee, which will then be distributed out towards fellow holders.
🍰CAKEDoge holds a total of 4% in the MARKETING wallet and uses it to finance future projects. The wallet stays as transparent as possible. As a result, we are well positioned to finance advertising and projects
And, of course, this is totally SAFU, with locked Liquidity🔒 DOXXED Team from Germany and Belgium We are putting great effort into Marketing!
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🍰Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x5bff55a8168d03466566FEfAB2a21706BA707a1d#readContract
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2021.10.25 14:21 PureBoss1527 Lightweight life

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2021.10.25 14:21 Dugdimadome I made a shift knob for my 96 NA

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2021.10.25 14:21 Sea_Elderberry Scariest horror films on Amazon Prime UK

Looking for the scariest and best horror films on horror films available on Amazon prime UK,the more terrifying the better. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks guys!!
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2021.10.25 14:21 Minimizemyself Gruppo Sound, Stefano Marcucci - Stile Libero (197?)

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2021.10.25 14:21 maxens_wlfr Skyward Sword HD is too fast

I tried Skyward Sword HD on Ryujinx since Yuzu gave strange results (Intel Xe with Vulkan is not a good idea with this game) but the animations are going way too fast (music is good though) It's really funny as it looks like Link has taken too much adrenaline, but does someone know how to play it at normal speed ?
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2021.10.25 14:21 Lemy64 M9 & LLL 35 f2

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2021.10.25 14:21 LadyAn0nym0us Is this kind of love a real thing?

My husband and I (we’re both in our early 30’s) have been together for 9 years. When we met I was very skinny and he was super fit, then closer to our marriage we both gained weight… I gained “positive” weight though, got a lot of muscle on and looked very fit for quite a while but him on the other hand, got a little bit chubby; his weight gain has never impacted how I perceive him, I loved him no matter what. I maintained myself fit for quite a while but during the start of the pandemic I found out I have some hormonal disorders and since I couldn’t workout a lot anymore and I started to suffer from depression I gained a lot of weight, 45lbs approximately… I feel so sad, so defeated and I hate looking at myself; my husband on the other hand is back into his fit stage and that makes me feel worse, because I don’t look nice like him. Even with all of this, my husband is still acting as he likes me, he’s always wanting to have sex, he grabs my butt, he says he loves me, he calls me beautiful and kisses me any opportunity he has… I’m wondering if this kind of love is real? Am I not dreaming? How can this man who fell in love with a skinny (and then super fit) girl still love her even when she’s fat? I have seen so many marriages break because of physical changes that it amazes me that a man who was always into “attractive” women is still interested in his chubby wife… Have any of you went through something similar?
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2021.10.25 14:21 PackDemon DQT Arena Matches: Week 27 – Day 1:

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2021.10.25 14:21 LordOfThe9 So... what's your opinion on WTNC's level design?

I just completed TNC (overall a great game) . Did any of you feel like the level design in The New Colossus is really inconsistent. Sometimes it just looks uninspiring, imo i feel some levels really get ruined with those generic copy pasted Nazi bases.
For example Roswell mission, at the start you are greeted with an aristically beautiful city, it is brimming with life and you can hear and see so many interesting things. But then like 95% of the level takes place in Area 52, a generic metalic looking Nazi base. I would have really liked it if more of the mission took place in the streets.
My favourite levels design wise are New Orleans, Manhattan, Monster and prolouge. They were all artistically beautiful and unique.
If you take a look at it literally half of the game takes place in metalic corridors that all look the same every time.
Chapter 1- Reunion, takes place in Eva's Hammer and Ausmerzer. Which both have a metalic theme in which every room looks heavily indentical to the previous one.
Chapter 2- Manhattan, now as i said this one is one of the more unique missions in the game. As the name suggest it takes place in Manhattan, a post-nuclear Manhattan. We get to go through the ravaged streets, a subway system and at the end we get a shootout at The Empire State building.
Chapter 3-Old Secrets, this mission takes place again on Eva's hammer, i guess you could make an argument that TNO did that aswell with Kreisau Circle HQ in Berlin. But for me this still excuses nothing since i don't really like that level in TNO either.
Chapter 4-Roswell, I already explained the Roswell level above and how it was a huge let down for me.
Chapter 5-Monster, now i really enjoyed this one. The story in this level was very emotional and superbly written. Now i really liked the vibe and the design around BJ's old house and the infamous Courtroom was artistically pleasing to look at for me. I was looking at it a bit too miuch the first time after dying so many times on Do or Die difficulty.
Chapter 6-New Suit, this one is just a return to Manhattan, nothing new as far as level design is concerned. Oh, yeah, they also had to add a generic looking nazi base, that of course is more than half of that level.
Chapter 7- New Orleans, i really, really, really like this level's artistic design, it just looks so good. First are greeted with this very atmospheric abandoned swamp town with a huge wall in the distance, once you go through the wall (they had to add the sam generic nazi base of course, but it is very short and is only a very small part of the chapter) you are shown a really good view of New Orleans, once you drop down you are thrown into a huge fight, you fight alongside the resistance there and even ride a Panzerhund 1961 model through the city. I would say that this is possibly my favourite level in the game.
Chapter 8-Venus, okay so this level was mostly metalic, but it wasn't the same like the others. But still, honestly tought it would be a little more exciting in it's design. It was just meh.
Chapter 9- Lost at Sea, this level again takes place on Eva's Hammer and just turns out to be a mission to find Wyatt (i never played the Fergus timeline so i don't know if anything different happens).
Chapter 10- Ausmerzer, this entire level is just a bunch of metalic looking structures. Altough i really do like the final battle at the top, the view is just amazing.
Chapter 11-Prolouge, it is really short but i really like the old TV show vibe it has.
Just to clarify again, i am not hating on TNC, i really liked it, but i just feel like it really missed the potential it had in it's levels. I was hyped for the 50s US theme it was going to have, just for half of the game to take place in metalic looking bases.
What's your take on it?
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2021.10.25 14:21 Ooooooaaaaaaa What is your most irrational fear?

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2021.10.25 14:21 Something_clever_lol A noob needs help

So I’ve got about 50 grams of bud that I grew by self and cut too early. Now it won’t dry properly to use for flower ( punching the air) but I’m determined to get SOMETHING out of my hard work. So should I do ice water or dry sift hash?
I know they are literally completely opposite but idk what would be better?
My material is daily dry but not dry enough to cure without bacteria starting to grow.
I’m bone dry. I’m scared, and I’m lost. Please help me guys
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2021.10.25 14:21 TrendsWide Study: Avoiding smoking and eating fruits and vegetables daily increases your life span

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2021.10.25 14:21 crumjd A Glitch in the System - 5

When Eric had set his course, 2 months to reach Trappist D had seemed painfully conservative. But over the course of those two months the travel had taken he’d been glad of it. During that time some 500 telepresence bodies had been “popped” by the government. They weren’t taking any chances with detection; if you swept your propulsion field anywhere near RF sensors, folded such that your radar signature could be obvious, built persistent storage media on the far end of the link, or attempted self replication you were gone.
With that in mind the two month transit seemed almost reckless. He had counted on being able to make low power course corrections at the final stage of his approach. Now he wasn’t eager to risk that. Fortunately, his original math had been flawless and it hadn’t proved necessary.
Eric looked down at the planet below him. Could there be an uncanny valley for planets? In many ways it looked almost exactly like Earth. It was about the same size, it had blue liquid oceans, swirling white clouds, and brown deserts. Yet it looked very different. There were no ice caps, the layout of the continents was wrong, and the photosynthesis of the planet life used a red molecule rather than a green one making it a world of scarlet, pink, and purple. In some ways it was odder than a gas giant or airless moon.
“Alright, if you’re just joining me now… there’s something wrong with you! Honestly, I’ve been traveling across an alien solar system for two months documenting the sights, discussing my strategy, and commenting on other humans in-system. There’s been a ton of content.” He sighed, “Hit like or subscribe dudes.”
One of the most common ways to make money in the sim was videocasting whatever you were involved in. Anything one human might do, another might want to watch and Eric had known he’d at least be able to make a living once he was one of the few people kicking around the Trappist system. He had, in fact, done better than a mere living. He had almost completely replaced his high paying work. If he successfully made planet fall he was going to get a real raise; so far there were less than a hundred people who could really get close to the aliens.
“Alright, for the latecomers I’ve got what I hope is a unique strategy for descending into the atmosphere. As we saw when Ass_Troboy got popped the typical paper airplane shape can present a wide enough radar profile to get you in trouble with the man. What I’m using instead is what’s known as a ‘dragline’. I’m going to fold so there’s a very thin loose triangle cable out behind me. The line will have a huge surface area and should interact with enough air to slow my fall to a survivable speed while presenting virtually no radar signature.”
Eric watched the planet below him grow closer nervously. He was licking the very edges of the atmosphere as he spoke. At this point it was less “atmosphere” and more “escaping hydrogen” in truth but his body was still starting to slow and that meant there would be a great deal more atmosphere very shortly. That would be bad if he was still in interstellar travel configuration as the web would stop instantly and then almost certainly tangle.
Not that the dragline was completely safe from that. “So, this is my own design and it’s inspired by what Earth spiders do for travel and to protect themselves when falling. I’m going to fold my transmitting E-Link into a knot of fiber on the bottom side of the craft. The hope is it will catch against the atmosphere and fall pretty fast. That’ll stretch the remaining fiber out behind me.”
Eric worked his way through some menus finding the one that would reconfigure the telepresence body. Under the label “custom” was the spider kite shape. His fingers almost shaking with fear and excitement he punched it and the body began to reconfigure. Eric had linked his own senses to that so he felt it as a pulling through his limbs and joints. His body wasn’t a giant triangle, of course, but as the system mapped the sensations on to him it felt like had gone from spread eagle, through an almost random random set of twists and stretches to having his body stretched out like a diver with his legs spread, body pointing downward, and his hands nearest the earth holding some great weight.
His new form caught the atmosphere quickly and Eric began to fall rapidly planetward. Then the atmosphere began to slow him. Heat built up around his hands.
Eric narrated to his livestream viewers. He noticed there were a lot of them. “There are a couple of things that could go wrong at this point. Most obviously I’m not 100% sure about the dragline concept. I’m not trying to control the atmosphere here the same way I would if I had a parachute. I’m not going to be forming a stable pressure zone. I just have a lot of surface area relative to my weight. My calculations say it should hold my weight and slow me down without much compression heating. But there is some generalization there. The air of Trappist D isn’t the same as Earth’s and I only have some data on the weather I’m going to cross through. If I hit the wrong sort of storm I could be done for.”
Now Eric found himself truly in the atmosphere. His whole body was shaking and it felt as though something was pulling hard on his ankles. He was definitely slowing, but he didn’t know yet if it would be fast enough.
“As such, I might fail to get the deceleration I need to land safely. Next, friction heating could still be a problem. I’m playing the tolerances tight, and carbon does have a nasty habit of catching fire.”
The planet loomed large under Eric and it was getting closer fast. Already it filled a good half his vision and the curve of the horizon was starting to flatten and look much more like a plane. He had hit the planet on its night side, but he was moving fast enough that a speed up sunrise was taking place below. It was great footage. His subscriber count had doubled.
“As I travel closer to the planet I run two more risks. The line behind me could begin to tangle or I could get trapped in a wind current and end up a long way from my destination. Tangling has been my biggest worry throughout the planning phase and I’ve got precautions in place. The fold of the line behind me has more complexity to it than it looks like. It should twist in ways that keep it safe and I’ve got powered sections that should be capable of resisting wind motion. ‘Should’ is the key word.”
The wind really had him now. His body was twisting, stretching, and swaying. Eric wanted to vomit, and he wished it were possible to turn off the sensations the probe was projecting onto him. He fought it down the old fashioned way instead. The planet below him now looked like a sprawling red plane. How fast was it coming up?
“If I get pulled off course, well, I’ll just have farther to walk. Nothing to do about that and I guess I don’t care if I can get to the ground undetected.”
His speed was falling fast now, but the E-Link wasn’t rated to survive much more than a 15 meter per second collision and he was still at 30 meters per second. 20 meters per second. The ground was really close! 10 meters and then Eric's vision was filled with red grass like plants and it felt like someone smacked him in the face.
He was down! He gave a whoop of joy over the still open channel then wondered how long it would take him to fold his body back together now that he was in a gravity well.
* * *
Nearly every race objects to spending time around their own dead. This is an adaptive behavior. Nearly every species has at least a few conditions that can be transmitted, and a few predators that might stay in the area. This thought came to T’Vals mind because the Statistician was pretty certain he wouldn’t have liked to be in the gravimetric experimentation chamber if it had been another Ssaskon that had been killed.
This was due to the fact that senior researcher Zick was very dead. Her blood, and other fluids, coated the walls almost evenly, but T’Val found her blood to be an almost cheery shade of orange and it was far far more gelatinous then his own so neither its presence nor its almost tangy smell bothered T’Val on a visceral level.
Somewhat more problematic, in his estimation, were the larger chunks of the researcher that were stuck here and there. That pile in the corner, for example, was definitely two and a half of the researcher’s legs. The fact that they were digitigrade only went so far to disguise the fact that they probably shouldn’t be stacked up like that. And that eyeball over there by the door…
T’Val had to clamp his jaw shut to avoid contaminating the crime scene.
“I believe I have seen as much as is of value here,” T’Val said to his guide, Senior Researcher Lien.
“In that case, let’s step back to the control room and I will alert Security that we are finished with the crime scene.” Lien led the way out of the room and over to one of the building’s many conference rooms. Once there Lien selected his species specific version of a chair and dropped into it. T’Val was careful not to give any sign of it, but he noted the casual show of cooperation. In his estimation it made it slightly less likely that Lien was the killer.
T’Val sat and gave Lien a long look hoping the silence would make him uncomfortable if he had anything to be uncomfortable about. Lien was the same species as the murdered Zick. When a member of that race was in one piece a human would have considered them sort of reptilian, abet trilaterally symmetrical and possessed of an upright posture. Their skin was green and built in a scale like patchwork, their orange blood gave them three orange eyes, and they lacked soft tissue around the openings of their nose and ears. T’Val knew they tended to fidget when they were nervous, so the Statistician started to mentally count how many little movements Lien made in the 30 seconds of silence: 20. That was a bit high, then again he had just seen a room painted with his ex coworker. Perhaps, given the situation, Lien was actually too calm.
“So, researcher, you are certain this couldn’t be an accident?”
“Absolutely. The gravity chamber cannot be activated without user authentication. It has sensors to prevent it from activating while anyone is in the chamber. And the activation cycle takes several minutes to get to a point where it is physically dangerous. Zick could not have been killed in such a fashion if she was able to walk.” Lien appeared to be adamant. His twitching also stilled somewhat.
“Interesting,” T’Val said. “And what was the nature of her work?”
“She was studying flat space, of course. You are aware of the flat zone, aren’t you?”
T’Val found himself mildly insulted, Ssaskon were not particularly sensitive to social position in so far as they hadn’t really needed to struggle for mates in the same manner as other species. Still on a purely intellectual level it was a somewhat insulting implication that he might not know one of the biggest scientific conundrums in modern physics. This was doubly true given that he was a member of the expedition sent to study it. Even if that study wasn’t directly his job he had a pretty good idea about the fundamental question.
“How could I not be? We are studying the ‘flat zone’. The area of space in which it is nearly impossible to produce negative energy. A slightly a-morphus sphere some 300 light years across in which warp drives and all other spatial manipulation effects do not work.”
Lien blinked his three eyes in sequence from right to left. A display of pleasure among his race, “Well, there you have it she was studying the flat zone.”
“Yes, of course, but how? Was there anything about her work that might have caused her to take a risk? Were her theories controversial? Or, perhaps, the sort of thing that might have earned her enemies?”
There was a long silence before Lien responded and when he did his voice sounded incredulous. “Of course not! None of that’s even possible, I wouldn’t think. Enemies? Preposterous!”
“The confederacy hasn’t launched this rather expensive operation out of pure scientific curiosity, you know.” T’Val pressed. “If it became possible to artificially create flat zones the race in possession of that technology would have an incredibly potent military asset. If it could be reversed a large number of worlds would suddenly fall within our control. That could earn enemies. Or perhaps a purely academic rivalry that has grown out sized.”
Lien waved his central arm dismissively, “Perhaps, but she wasn’t close to that sort of break-through. Besides, Zick believed the least interesting possibility for the existence of the zone. She held with the hyperspace object hypothesis. The idea that there’s something in the dimensions above our own, perhaps a white hole or other exotic object, that is stressing spacetime in this location and preventing normal dark energy production.” Lien paused and seemed to consider for a moment, “Honestly, if shadowy figures are going to rip apart researchers then they should be going after me. I’m the one who has been claiming that there’s a device somewhere in the zone that’s causing the effect we’ve all observed.” He seemed to think about that for a moment and then cringed back as though under threat, “Wait, you don’t have evidence of this, do you?”
T’Val considered it would be best for the investigation if everyone, Lien included, thought T’Val was looking at mostly external suspects. It would make them less cautious, “It is a possibility.”
It was. But it was a distant one. Murder tended to be somewhat more sordid and less interesting than assassinations.
A longer update this time. My writing flows toward 'micro tensions' every 1000 words so that's my update size. (I don't know if that's good, but I know it's a fact.) The first was Eric's landing, but I didn't want to stop their because I'd introduced the murder in the previous update and, anyway, it wasn't terribly credible that Eric was going to damage his equipment. No matter how little plot armor your main character has he probably isn't going to trip and break his neck in the shower 1/3rd of the way through the story.
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2021.10.25 14:21 QuadraticProgram Diwali 2021 Reddit Family Celebration

I’m planning to host a Diwali 2021 Reddit Family Friendly event. Are you guys interested? We’ll burst crackers, have deserts and refreshments etc. Would you all be interested in attending?
If so I can think on it more and draft up a plan!
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